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what a great collaboration!
EPM Enterprise ProgressMaker GmbH
We are a proud partner of EPM Enterprise ProgressMaker GmbH and have already implemented a number of innovative features. We also optimized the performance of the platform, which contributed to faster loading times and better scalability. We are proud of the successful project.
At ConWISE we developed a user-friendly single page application using Laravel, Inertia.js, Vue.js and TailwindCSS and implemented many features and did great UI/UX work.
Heilpraktikerschule Likamundi GbR
For the Likamundi School of Naturopathic Medicine, we helped develop an exam trainer to help students prepare for the exam. For example, a system was set up for students to track their progress and identify their strengths and weaknesses.
Z-optimations GmbH
For the company Z-optimations we have developed an analysis and monitoring software to observe the cycle times of CNC machines. The measuring points and cycle times are displayed visually to quickly detect when the cycle times become significantly slower over time.
Pretzel Connection GbR
We have programmed an employee and event portal for the catering company "Brezel Connection", which has helped them enormously in planning and structuring their work. Since then, they have been able to plan and organize better thanks to the software. The portal has taken a lot of work off their hands!
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