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what a great collaboration!
EPM Enterprise ProgressMaker GmbH
We are a proud partner of EPM Enterprise ProgressMaker GmbH and have already implemented a number of innovative features. We also optimized the performance of the platform, which contributed to faster loading times and better scalability. We are proud of the successful project.
At ConWISE we developed a user-friendly single page application using Laravel, Inertia.js, Vue.js and TailwindCSS and implemented many features and did great UI/UX work.
Heilpraktikerschule Likamundi GbR
We took over the complete hosting for the Likamundi naturopathic school. This included the server configuration of PHP-FPM, Nginx, MySQL and the backups!
Z-optimations GmbH
For the company Z-optimations we have developed an analysis and monitoring software to observe the cycle times of CNC machines. The measuring points and cycle times are displayed visually to quickly detect when the cycle times become significantly slower over time.
Trollgames Ltd.
Laracraft had the pleasure to develop a comprehensive statistics tool for the company Trollgames GmbH. The tool is used to present important key figures and metrics in clear dashboards to facilitate decision making in the company.
OGLabs Germany GmbH
For interactiveAds we have developed a revolutionary management portal for Playable Ads. With browser testing and comprehensive role and team management features, our portal provides a seamless, efficient solution for managing and distributing interactive ads!
CTI Multimedia Ltd.
Laracraft has developed a specialized Tableau integration for KTI Multimedia that leaves nothing to be desired. From interactive dashboards and real-time data to role-based access control, our solution provides all the capabilities for comprehensive, data-driven decision-making!
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