Z-optimations GmbH
For the company Z-optimations we have developed an analysis and monitoring software to observe the cycle times of CNC machines. The measuring points and cycle times are displayed visually to quickly detect when the cycle times become significantly slower over time.
Arturo Riemann
Arturo Riemann

Design Director

Constantin Weishaupt
Constantin Weishaupt

Laravel Backend Developer

Djamal barn
Djamal barn

Frontend Developer

We have created for the company Z-optimations a great order. Z-optimations is a company that specializes in the optimization of CNC machines. Our task was to develop an analysis and monitoring software that allows to better observe and thereby improve the cycle times of the machines.

We chose Laravel as the backend and Vue.js as the frontend framework and developed the software from scratch. In doing so, we graphically represented measurement points and clock times and created a user-friendly interface that makes it possible to quickly and easily detect when clock times are slowing down.

By using the latest technologies and a clear presentation, we were able to deliver software that enables more efficient monitoring of the CNC machines. Working with Z-optimations was a great experience and we are proud to have been part of this project.

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