CTI Multimedia Ltd.
Laracraft has developed a specialized Tableau integration for KTI Multimedia that leaves nothing to be desired. From interactive dashboards and real-time data to role-based access control, our solution provides all the capabilities for comprehensive, data-driven decision-making!
Yanick Frehner
Yanick Frehner

Lead Developer

Galrion Barrash
Galrion Barrash

Laravel Fullstack Developer

In the ever-growing world of data analytics, we at Laracraft have had the honor of working for KTI Multimedia Ltd. to implement a custom Tableau integration. This project stands out for its extensive customizability and seamless integration of all available Tableau features to provide a comprehensive range of dashboards and metrics.

This customized solution leverages the full potential of Tableau to provide a versatile set of features:

  • Interactive dashboards: Fully customizable dashboards allow you to monitor and analyze data in real time.
  • Data Blending: Integration of data from different sources for comprehensive analysis.
  • Geographic analysis: Visualize data on interactive maps to identify geographic trends.
  • Drill-Down and Drill-Up: In-depth analysis by clicking and zooming to explore details or widen your view.
  • Real-time data updates: Direct connection to data sources enables real-time updates.
  • Report generation and distribution: Automated report generation and distribution via email or other formats.
  • Role-based access control: Enables differentiated, role-based visibility of data and dashboards.

The implementation of this Tableau integration has significantly enhanced KTI Multimedia GmbH's analytical capabilities. The ability to combine different data sources, use different types of visualizations, and create customized reports has streamlined decision-making within the company and created clear added value.

Our work with KTI Multimedia GmbH shows that personalized, powerful data analytics tools are not only an asset, but an indispensable component for companies that want to stay competitive in today's data-driven world. We are available for further information and specific inquiries.

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