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Quite classically and with little setup, the good old template engine from Laravel "Blade" can be used to implement excellent solid designs. Server-side rendering and less frontend effort are a clear win here.
Inertia (SPA)
With Inertia.js we offer super fast response times and extremely fast rendering. Very good UI/UX and newfangled web applications, rounded off by visual transitions with Vue or React! Of course also in TypeScript if desired.
If you would rather focus on the backend and are perhaps more at home in the backend yourself, then we would be happy to develop backend-based, interactive and dynamic interfaces and websites for you with Livewire .
If you are interested in highly dynamic content, we offer the broadcasting known in the Laravel Eco system via Laravel websockets from Beyondcode! Via Pusher or Ably we can realize beautiful and collaborative Realtime Apps (RTA)!
Tailwind CSS
For the design we used the now quasi-standard CSS Utility First Framework "Tailwind CSS". Through Tailwind we can very quickly design elements that are still individual . Alternatively, Bootstrap can be used if explicitly desired.
Cross-platform apps are awesome and Flutter is just the thing for that in our opinion. As a backend, we recommend a Laravel REST API if needed. This is a great way to implement apps for mobile, desktop and web!
If you are looking for a well-structured REST API, then we can offer exactly the right solution with the well-known JSON:API standard! CRUD interfaces are thus solidly and easily implemented!
Test-Driven Development
We always work according to the TDD principle. Test-Driven Development is for us THE key to a clean, maintainable and above all bug-free code! For this we use PEST, an elegant PHP testing framework. If desired, PHPUnit can also be used.
Laravel XHProf
As maintainer of the most popular open-source Laravel performance and analysis tool"Laravel XHProf", we offer our expertise to optimize your too long-lasting processes and requests! Thereby you can often expect an increase of 100-300%!
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