Heilpraktikerschule Likamundi GbR
We took over the complete hosting for the Likamundi naturopathic school. This included the server configuration of PHP-FPM, Nginx, MySQL and the backups!
Zacharias Creutznacher
Zacharias Creutznacher

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

At Laracraft, we are committed to the success of our clients. A key project that demonstrates our capabilities and customer focus is the comprehensive hosting services for the Likamundi School of Naturopathy.

Likamundi needed a robust and scalable hosting solution that was specifically tailored to their needs. The challenge was to build an infrastructure that would ensure high availability while being flexible enough to respond quickly to changes in data volume and user behavior.

First, we developed a customized server architecture based on nginx to enable efficient processing of web requests. We relied on PHP-FPM (FastCGI Process Manager) for optimal PHP execution speed, which is crucial to maximize the performance of Likamundi's web applications.

Data is stored via MySQL, whereby we have implemented an extensive configuration that not only guarantees fast query times, but also offers a high level of reliability. For data security, we perform regular MySQL backups to prevent data loss and meet compliance requirements.

The server setup process has been carefully planned and executed to ensure that all system components are optimally configured. This includes setting up security protocols and implementing monitoring tools that allow us to proactively monitor the system status and respond quickly to potential problems.

Another critical aspect of our service is the management of SSL certificates, which ensure a secure connection between the end users and the servers. We ensure that all certificates are always up to date and comply with the latest security standards.

Through our comprehensive hosting services, Likamundi has seen a significant improvement in website performance and user satisfaction. Our proactive maintenance and rapid response to issues have maximized system uptime and reduced operating costs.

We at Laracraft are proud to have Likamundi as a satisfied customer and look forward to further strengthening our collaboration through continuous improvement and technological innovation.

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