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For interactiveAds we have developed a revolutionary management portal for Playable Ads. With browser testing and comprehensive role and team management features, our portal provides a seamless, efficient solution for managing and distributing interactive ads!
Zacharias Creutznacher
Zacharias Creutznacher

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Laracraft has set itself the goal of supporting companies in the digitization and optimization of their business processes. A particular highlight of our project series is the management portal for Playable Ads, which we developed for interactiveAdsa pioneer in the field of digital advertising. This portal revolutionizes the way Playable Ads can be managed, tested and distributed in the company.

With the VILT stack ((Vue.JS, Inertia.JS, Laravel and TailwindCSS) we have created a robust and flexible foundation for the portal. One of the most notable features is the multi-tenancy capability, which allows different interactiveAds clients to manage their individual dashboards and Playable Ads. Users can log in, upload, download and even test Playable Ads directly in the browser. In addition, different versions of Playable Ads can be saved, allowing users to efficiently compare different approaches and strategies. Team and role management completes the package and ensures maximum flexibility and control.

The portal has had a significant impact on interactiveAds' operations. By implementing such a platform, the company has been able to add immense value to its customers while streamlining internal processes. The ability to seamlessly manage and test Playable Ads creates a smooth workflow that speeds up the decision-making process and encourages creative experimentation. The multi-tenancy capability allows interactiveAds to scale their offering and serve more customers efficiently without compromising on performance.

This project for interactiveAds reflects our ability to transform complicated business requirements into elegant and powerful software solutions. It is a prime example of how technical excellence and a deep knowledge of customer needs come together to create effective, scalable and user-friendly solutions. For further information and inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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